ANTI is the corporate venture arm of the PBA Group.

We focus on early stage hardware, robotics and automation companies via the following activities:

Advanced New Technology Incubator

Venture Capital

ANTI provides venture capital at the Seed and Series A rounds. We are funded by proprietary capital from the PBA Group and a network of high net worth investors.

As investors we aim to be actively involved at the operational level, allowing our startups to tap the PBA platform and expertise in robotics, automation, components, engineering, design and manufacturing.

Advanced New Technology Incubator

Venture Build

We identify problem statements, processes and activities that can be improved via the use of robotics and automation, and assemble talented teams to develop products and solutions around these opportunities.

Advanced New Technology Incubator


ANTI is an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) under the Startup SG Founder scheme. More details on the scheme and eligibility are available here.

Our focus is on hardware, robotics and automation, but we also accept applications from startups outside these fields, and work with our partner Robust Tech House to review software focused applications.