The PBA Group is an integrated provider of motion control, robotics and automation products. PBA is headquartered in Singapore, with 500 employees across a regional network in ASEAN (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia), India and North Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea). Over the years, the Group has won a number of awards including the Enterprise 50, ASEAN Business Awards, and the Promising SME 500.

In 2016, Delta Electronics, a USD14bn market capitalization, Fortune 500 leader in power electronics, became a strategic shareholder in PBA.

PBA’s operations are organized in 3 principal business groups:

PBA Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Business Group

PBA manufactures a range of proprietary direct drive and linear motor products. Our motion control products provide and facilitate high precision movement in a range of industrial machines and robotics, and are also integrated with other components to develop intermediate assemblies such as stages and gantries, which are used by end customers in their manufacturing processes, and also to build machines.

The IABG also designs, develops and implements robotics and automation systems using robotic components from our partners ABB, Kawasaki, Nachi, Universal Robotics and Delta Electronics. Our systems help companies in a range of industries (including semiconductor, manufacturing, consumer electronics, logistics) implement the use of robotics in their operational and manufacturing activities.

IABG’s activities are founded on the PBA Group’s 30 year history and expertise in motion control, mechanical precision components and precision engineering.

PBA Manufacturing


PBA operates manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China (Dongguan and Suzhou), with turnkey machining, assembly and fabrication services for the PBA Group and a few strategic clients primarily in the semiconductor and fibre industries.

PBA Aerospace Trading

Aerospace Trading

PBA’s aerospace division trades in and distributes a range of aircraft consumables and components, such as jet fuel, lubricants, compounds, tapes, paints and adhesives, and composites. In 2017, the division started a new business in seat repair and aircraft maintenance.